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July 13, 2021

How to Use Megababe's Charcoal Underarm Detox Bar

What it is:

A charcoal-infused bar created specifically to target your pits. Not only does it remove odor, but it gives your underarms a deep cleanse and leaves them smoothready for fave deodorant.

Whats inside that makes it great:

  • Activated charcoal pulls toxins, dirt and oil to the surface of the skin, helping to withdraw any and all stench!
  • Tea tree oil helps to clarify and balance your pits.
  • Glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), gently exfoliates to removes dead skin, leaving your pits soft and bright.
  • Sodium chloride a.k.a the odor-eliminator naturally fights off that B.O smell and helps to remove bacteria from your pit area!
  • Avocado, sunflower and olive oils help to smooth and nourish the skin, leaving it baby smooth.

How to use it:

Every time you shower, lather and massage the bar into your skin, making sure to leave it on for at least 60 seconds. Rinse and repeat as needed! Bonus: use it anywhere stinky skin is a concern ( your feet after a good workout!)

Why youll love it:

I was skeptical at first that this would work. I have used this for the past 2 HOT July days and did heavy workouts both days. This kept my underarms clean and dry, no odor at all! Kathy

This stuff is great!! My husband has stinky feet & I had him use this product on his feet & just like magic his feet stink no more!! Thank you so much for that. Love this product! Susan

It works! Ive been having issues with my deodorant not working as well in this summer heat. Ive been using this for about a week, and the odor is gone! Birchbox subscriber

Must have! If you're trying to go natural, this is awesome. Helps clean your pits and get all of the gunk out! Taylor

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Megan Gustashaw

Megan Gustashaw is a freelance writer and editorial consultant based in Austin, Texas. With a focus on men’s and women’s fashion, beauty and lifestyle, she has written features for both established fashion brands and leading digital publications including GQ, Glamour, Architectural Digest and more.