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Travel · June 5, 2015

Why Meghan Markle Never Travels Without Dryer Sheets

Carry On Multipurpose Products

Markle is no stranger to air travel. Her secret to landing fresh-faced? Pack your favorite multiuse stick and face spritz for a quick touch up on cheeks, lips, face when you land. We suggest putting W3LL PEOPLEs Universalist Color Stick in your carry-on for brightening lips and cheeks and Derma-Es TSA-approved Hydrating Mist with Hyaluronic Acid for refreshing your skin once you touch down.

Pack Dryer Sheets

Markle has a genius hack for keeping your suitcase smelling crisp despite days of dirty laundry: Layer dryer sheets between your shirts, skirts, and dresses. Your clothes will smell fresh when you arriveand especially when you return home! If your itinerary involves a smoky bonfire or something similarly pungent, make sure to bring Revivers Dry Deodorant Wipes for Clothes to get rid of any unwanted stench.

Live Like a Local

Whatever your destination, Markle urges to immerse yourself in the local culture: Find a great cooking class with a local chef, or an art or dance class, she says. (Check out the Tig for city-specific recommendations.) Whether you emerge knowing how to samba or hand-roll pasta, your new skill is an infinitely more valuable souvenir than any T-shirt.


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