Birchbox Crush: Melisse Gelula

Generally, we stay away from preachy health folks. But Melisse Gelula, co-founder of Well and Good NYC, is the rare exception. She and her co-founder, Alexia Brue, started the daily newsletter and blog to provide an unvarnished take on the city’s burgeoning health scene. “The wellness community was ramping up but there was no journalistic source covering it critically.” That means honest reviews of new fitness and nutritional fads, intelligent beauty advice, and more. We asked her about her favorite natural products, beauty pet peeves, and more.

Clean Up Your Routine

I used to test anything and everything but I’ve really cleaned up my skincare routine — now I’m really natural and organic. The selection has gotten so much better, so much more luxurious.

An Essential Oil

I use John Masters Organic Pomegranate Face Oil. I love their packaging—so unisexy. I put a couple of drops of the serum into Amala Soothing Moisture cream before I apply it to my face. It helps the moisture bond to my skin.

A Good Scrub

All those great skincare products can’t get through unless you exfoliate. For my face, I like Naturopathica’s Pear Fig Enzyme Peel. It’s a two-in-one product because it has both the chemical and physical exfoliation—the fruit enzymes dissolve the bonds between dead skin cells and then the gritty bits help whisk them away. I’m also really into Red Flower’s Isla de Las Rocas in Ocean. It’s a super-fine salt scrub with an enchanting eucalyptus-y scent. I use it in the shower and then after I’ll put on a body oil like Spa Technologies Hydrating Laminaria Oil, plus a moisturizer.

Strike A Pose

This summer, there were so many outdoor yoga classes in New York. I always have tote wipes with me to wash my face off afterward, usually ones with chamomile, lavender, and tea tree because of the antibacterial properties.

Protect with SPF

Sunscreen is the exception to my all-natural rule. I’ve done a lot of research and the mexoryl ingredient in products like La Roche-Posay Anthelios is protecting us from a spectrum of UV that other ingredients can’t catch. It has chemicals in it, but they’re not toxic.

Sweet Treat

My indulgence is really dark chocolate. I love Dagoba, especially the bars with chilies and goji berries in them.

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