December 2013: Editor’s Letter

While thinking upon the highs and lows of this past year—pondering them as we might the shorn follicles of a winter beard (or Movember mustache) in the sink below—it dawned on us: “Man of the Year” isn’t a title that should belong solely to Hollywood elite. With all the hurdles and hard work we overcome in 12 months, each of us is “MOTY” in his own right.

Of course, the honorific isn’t without a few burdens and responsibilities—it means being at our best in every station of life, whether walking the red carpet or shoveling the walk. A few of this month’s shop launches should help there, and even furnish the opportunity to mix the two together a bit if you like. After all, who doesn’t love a bow tie on a plaid shirt or a knit cap with a suit and tie?

Perfect your look, polish off your shopping list, and then treat all those holiday parties like victory laps for a job well done. This month’s Birchbox Man To-Do List has some tips for surviving the crush of egg nog and bad sweaters. And because we want your holiday to be as festive as possible, we’ve put together a few playlists to help with all the entertaining: “Creature Comforts,” is chock full of our favorite classic holiday tunes and for the after-hours set, we’ve tapped one of our favorite up-and-coming pop acts, St. Lucia, to compile some top contemporary cuts.

Read the entire December issue as it rolls out on The Guide, and sign up by November 30 to get your own a Birchbox Man. Be safe, and have a happy and healthy holiday season.


December Monthly Selects

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