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How-To · August 3, 2017

Mens Grooming Travel Essentials


Save space and pick an all-purpose cleanser. Something that cleanses you from head to toe not only saves space in your luggage, but it also helps cut down on your shower time. For a true multi-tasking product, check out the 4-in-1 Cleansing Foam from V76, it goes beyond getting the job done in the shower and also acts as a shaving foam - wash, rinse and repeat!


The body needs water to survive and we think the same can be said for moisturizer. Listen to your body talking and slather up. Opt for something like Mavericks Protect and reap the benefits of an SPF to prevent premature aging. Its as simple as pump and apply.

Lip Balm

Planes are notorious for drying out your skin, especially your lips. Give those bad boys a little spa treatment with Harrys Lip Balm, it comes in a 3-pack so you can keep one in your desk, your pocket and one in your gym bag (we love lip balm). If your lips have seen better days, aim for something a little more therapeutic like Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm. Cap off, cap on.

The All-in-One

Fact: showers are a necessity, but sometimes your cards are dealt a little differently. Maybe youre getting back to nature in the great outdoors, or the airport restroom may not seem so inviting during an extended layover. Not to worry, the guys at Ursa Major have got you covered. Pop a few of their Essential Face Wipes in your bag and exfoliate, cleanse, tone and hydrate as needed. Because, hey, you never know when you might need an on the spot refresher. Wipe and go.

Pack it

Keeping your travel itinerary organized is one thing, yet getting you and all of your belongings there is another feat. Minimize the stress when it comes to your grooming essentials and forgo the Ziploc bag and take it up a notch with the TOOLETRIES KOBY Bag. This sleek charcoal dopp kit is the perfect accompaniment to your travel essentials and is sure to ease any fears of spilt toiletries in your luggage.

- Bradley Cabral


Bradley Cabral

Unsuccessfully mastering the art of baking. Will try any skincare product once (or twice).