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Grooming · March 4, 2015

Men's Hairstyle Tips: How to Get Birchboxer Carlos' Double-Sided Part

You'll need thick hair: "Thick hair will be able to stand up, exposing the [unnatural] second part," says Rich. He points out that Carlos also has a full hairline: This helps define the fade and fully divides the longer top from the shorter sides.

Get the part just right: The barber should cut your parts thick enough so that they can be seen, but not so thick that it looks overwhelming. Cut to your preference, but Rich advises against anything wider than your pinky fingernail.

Ask for a high, tight fade: A high-and-tight is standard fare for most barbers, but this style calls for a hard stopping point with each of the two parts, instead of a scissor-trimmed blend at the top.

Employ strong hold and a bit of shine: Rich used the shop's Blind Barber 90-Proof Pomade on Carlos. Warm up a pea-sized amount in your palms, then work it into your roots. Use a comb to distribute it evenly.







Adam Hurly