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Hair · October 1, 2015

Long Hairstyles Tutorial: How to Maintain and Style Slacker Hair

Slacker Hair Requirements

** A uniform length around the head that at least brushes the shoulders. This is usually between 12 and 16 inches.

Sideburns and neck should be kept clean. Have a barber trim off split ends or thin out unwanted bulk.

How to Style Slacker Hair

1. Start with clean, dry hair. Applying product while hair is still wet can make it look greasy.

2. Take a dime-sized amount of a light finishing cream and warm it up in your hands.

3. Work product through the hair, from root to tip. This will add definition and shine, and combat any frizz or unwanted volume.

4. If the shape of hair looks uneven (flat on the scalp, bushier at the ends) try spraying some dry shampoo at the roots of your scalp from about 10 inches away, then work it through with your fingers.

5. Fix any stray or unruly hairs around the ears with a bit of cream pomade to hold them in place.

How to Take Care of Long Hair

Guys growing out their hair for the first time usually won't know the ins and outs of living with longer locks. It's a very different kind of upkeep. Remember:

** Dry it first. If your hair's starting to snarl or knot, make sure it's completely dry before you brush or comb it. Wet hair tends to break more easily under tension, and you want the fullest look you can get.

Condition more. With longer hair, the healthy, nourishing oils that come from the scalp take much more time to the make it to the tip of each strand. Use a conditioner in the shower, or supplement it with a hair oil to keep it healthy.

** Shampoo less frequently, and do it at night. The less you shampoo, the more those good oils will make their way through your hair (and the less it looks dry and brittle). When you do need to lather up, do so before bed. When long hair is freshly washed, it can be poofy and difficult to manage. A good night's sleep will make it more workable.

More Mens Hair Styling Tips

Be sure to pick a hairstyle that matches your face shape.

Learn how to properly apply hair product.

Different stylerslike wax, paste, pomade, or creamdo different things. See where they fall on the Hold vs. Shine hair-styling matrix.


Adam Hurly