Peace, Love, & Grooming: The Modern Concertgoer’s Guide to Style

With music festival season upon us, we’re in a Woodstock state of mind. And while there’s plenty to learn fashion-wise from our tie-dyed forefathers, a lot has changed for the better since the ‘60s. Here are seven staples of flower child fashion updated for the present day.

1. Smelly Patchouli → Sophisticated Patchouli

Smelly Patchouli → Sophisticated Patchouli

Then: Cheap, synthetic patchouli mixed with clove cigarettes and cannabis was the de facto scent of the times.

Now: Patchouli is an herbaceous base note for earthy, unisex scents like Atelier Cologne’s Mistral Patchouli.

2. Not Shaving → Not Shaving Like a Gentleman

Not Shaving → Not Shaving Like a Gentleman

Andy Bernay Roman/Getty

Then: Long hair, mutton chops and whatever sort of facial hair you could muster were the look of the day.

Now: It’s all about rugged refinement. If you’ve got a beard, keep your neckline trimmed and use a beard oil to keep the hair soft and conditioned. Try Mr. Natty Presents Frank’s Beard Elixir, which combines grapeseed and peach kernel oils with pine and juniper berry.

3. Hemp Adornment → Real Man’s Jewelry

Hemp Adornment → Real Man’s Jewelry

Silver Sun Online

Then: Hemp jewelry originated in the 13th and 14th centuries, but didn’t become truly popular until the 1960s.

Now: Modern guys (think Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp) wear jewelry like these silver pendants from Men in Cities that have a subtle, slightly worn feel.

4. Tie Dye → Color Blocking

Tie Dye → Color Blocking

Charles Harbutt/Actuality Inc.

Then: Loud tie-dye prints (ideally paired with leather fringe vests and bell-bottoms) were all the rage.

Now: Color blocking gives everything from jackets to polo shirts and shorts a sporty vibe.

5. Acid Headband → Glycolic Acid

Acid Headband → Glycolic Acid

Henry Diltz

Then: Experimenting with acid was the norm, as in “Drop acid, not bombs.”

Now: Glycolic acid is a key ingredient in facial salves like Clark’s Botanicals Smoothing Marine Cream.

6. Going Barefoot → Barefoot Running

Going Barefoot → Barefoot Running

Gabriela Pomplova/NIke

Then: Sandals were really the only acceptable footwear.

Now: Born to Run ignites the barefoot running craze. Everyone from Nike to New Balance has a bare-bones shoe in the game.

7. Mud Bathing → Mud Masks

Mud Bathing → Mud Masks

Nathaniel Goldberg

Then: Two days of rain turned the Woodstock 1969 into a rollicking mud slip and slide.

Now: The occasional mineral-rich mud mask, like BORGHESE's Fango Delicato, can draws out toxins, impurities, and oil from skin.

8. Not Washing → Not Washing As Much

Not Washing → Not Washing As Much

Alexy Associates, Inc./Shutterstock

Then: Body odor was totally acceptable.

Now: Not washing your hair every day turns out to be a good thing.

Photo: Tim Griffin

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