Here’s a Pomade That Won’t Have You Looking Like an Extra from “Grease”

Our editor swaps his mattifying hair stylers for pomade—and discovers numerous benefits.

I try to keep my hairstyle current—short on the sides, longer up top—so I’ve got something clean enough for the office without being too stuffy. I like to think of it as a casual, modern take on the Mad Men-esque cuts of the 60s. But while those styles were typically paired with a slicked-back shiny-and-wet look, today I’m more inclined to don a hairdo that’s matte, with plenty of volume.

This typically leads me to fibers and creams: I like them for the fingers-through-my-hair lightness and the moderate hold. After a colleague’s suggestion, however, I decided to try out a pomade for the first time in a long time. I took English Laundry’s pomade for a test drive.

I’ve always thought pomade was for the Danny Zukos of the world. (I worried it would make me look like a Munster.) The truth is, some pomades do (just google image search ‘pomade’ for proof). Now, that type of look can be awesome, but it’s not for me. But this one has a fiber-like quality gives you a more modern (read: matte), yet still-polished result: You get touchable hair (yes, touchable) all day without any gelled-back, Draper-esque intimidation. Also, the shine it gave me wasn’t greasy, but actually made my hair look healthier, with a subtle glow. Better yet, since this pomade is made by the fragrance experts at English Laundry, it smells like they dropped a touch of cologne into each canister. Stick that in your Ford Deluxe, Mr. Zuko.

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