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Weddings · September 25, 2015

Mollie's Getting Married!

The Fianc

"Really looking forward to marrying this guy in a MONTH. Here's to a lifetime of making funny faces together!"

The Wedding Weekend Packing List

"Packing for wedding weekend (oh don't worry, there's a separate honeymoon pile). Got all my skin and hair essentials (plus extras like melatonin to help me sleep). A few highlights: Sunday Riley Juno Body, which is the most decadent thing ever; Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Styling Treatment for pre-blow drying; and oodles of eye products to help me look awake (Skyn Iceland gels, Estee Lauder Night Eye Serum, Balance Me Beauty's brightening Eye Cream)."

The Nails

"Auditioning this OPI polish for my wedding mani. Not only does the rose gold match my ring but the name ("Worth a Pretty Penne") combines two amazing things: puns and pasta."

The Skincare

"Makeup genius @NamVo is evangelistic about skincare (her daily regimen is 7+ steps). Judging by her glow, it's working. So when I asked her to do my wedding makeup, I also got her advice on the skincare products I should be using. Her Rx: Sunday Riley Juno face oil at night and Shiseido Ultimune Concentrate during the day. Splurged on them but when she says something is worth the money, I believe her 100 percent... plus now i've got some serious Birchbox points to spend."

The Makeup

"Just finished my wedding trial with the brilliant @NamVo and she set my makeup with Tatcha's mist: smells gorgeous and gives your skin the prettiest glow."

The Invites

"Orange wine and lots of paper."

The Venue

"Good morning, the Arnold House."

And of Course, The Ring

"Sunset aperitivo with an unexpected side of [emoji for engagement ring]. Here's to many years of cocktails and vistas."

Follow @molliechen and #MollieandRob on Instagram to watch the wedding unfold, and check back next week for updates from the ceremony!


Erica Smith