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How-To · February 4, 2015

5 Money-Management Apps That Can Turn You Into Gordon Gekko

To Consolidate Bills and Credit Cards: Mint Bills

Originally named Check before its acquisition by Mint, this app consolidates all of your bills in a single accessible place, letting you monitor and pay them at the touch of a button. It also keeps track of your credit card balance and bank account totals, providing a comprehensive look at ALL of your financeswe'll give you a moment to let that sink in.

To Build and Manage Your Budget: Spending 2

There are plenty of budgeting apps on the marketing, but most are burdened with an excessive complexity that makes them a pain to use (and very easy to drop). Spending 2 addresses the problem by prioritizing efficiency: Its streamlined interface lets you record, categorize, and track your spending in the simplest way possible. You can categorize a purchase in seconds, automate recurring expenses, and generate reports to track weekly, monthly, and yearly spending. It's everything you need, and nothing you don't.

To Get You Into Investing: Acorns

The hardest part of investing is taking that first stepsomething that Acorns makes easy. The app has a novel strategy: It rounds up your credit card purchases to the next full dollar, and invests the resulting change. The app optimizes your portfolio according to your desired risk, and with funds flowing in every day (albeit in small amounts), your nest egg will keep on growing whether you think about it or not.

To Build a Personalized Portfolio (Without Knowing Squat): SigFig

Proper, long-term investing demands a diverse portfolio, but not everyone has the time to constantly watch the market. Sigfig uses a specialized algorithm to build your portfolio for you, tapping your income, timeframe, and desired level of risk to build a list of investments that suits your particular needs. It's like having a personal broker who won't expect a Christmas gift.

To Help You Trade On Your Own: Robinhood

Once you're ready to manage your own portfolio (it's easier than you think), you'll need an online broker. And while every broker in history has charged a fee for trading (between $8-$12), Robinhood does not. Seriously, that's groundbreaking. Throw in a simple and flawless app that's undergone years of testing, and you've got what some might call the Muhammad Ali of trading apps. And really, how can you compete with the greatest?


Nathaniel Nagy

Copywriter, cold brew advocate, purveyor of handcrafted birthday haikus since 2009.