Move Over, Mrs. Jetson

At Birchbox, we’re constantly experimenting with new products—we’ve been known to test dozens on a daily basis. And while we come across plenty of great products, there are some that truly rock our (beauty) world. Since this month is all about innovation, we’re sharing our latest discoveries, and why they’re so innovative.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Lifting Mascara

"I use an eyelash curler to give my stick straight lashes some semblance of a curve. This mascara is routine-changing because it keeps the curl in place all day—really! I've been calling it hairspray for your lashes because that's exactly what it does."—Mollie

FIX Malibu Wish Wash

"Before I found Wish Wash, I had a really tough time finding quality mini cleansers for trips when I was only bringing a small carryon. Now, I bring this powder cleanser with me everywhere I go. Just add water and you have an instant foam; it’s great for the gym, and will never leak all over your bag.” —Shana

Earthen Instant Peel

“I knew I had found something remarkable the moment I walked into the office after applying Earthen's Instant Peel—I received so many compliments! There aren’t many products I’ve liked enough to add to my routine, but this is something that I won’t be giving up.”—Matt

June Jacobs Papaya Enzyme Mask

“I try A LOT of skincare products for work, which makes it hard to have any kind of normal routine. At the same time, I have temperamental skin, which means I’m looking good one day and battling a breakout the next. To bring a little consistency to my regimen, I make sure to use this purifying enzyme mask once a week. It smells good enough to eat (very important when you’re putting it on your face) and breaks down dead skin to reveal what I like to think of as my real complexion: even and glowy.”—Lorelei

Tocca SPF Towelettes

“Before I started using these, I dreaded applying sunscreen—it was messy, smelly, and usually too oily. Thanks to these towelettes, my pre-beach routine smells amazing and is a no muss, no fuss situation.”—Eric

LIFTLAB Lift & Fix High Potency Solution

“The day I turned 22 was the day my skin decided that I’d missed out during my teenage years and that the ultimate breakout was in order. Lately I’ve been using LIFT LAB’s serum to help calm the raging redness and heal blemishes at the same time. It’s the right mix of potent and soothing.”—Alta

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