My Behind the Scenes Tour of Dr. Brandt’s Office

If you told me a year ago that the man who calls Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow his clients would be giving me a personal skin consultation, I would’ve laughed in your face. But that’s exactly what happened last week, when Dr. Fredric Brandt sat across from me and said—and I quote—“Let’s wake up your skin!”

No, I do not have an all-access pass to the man who has made some of the most innovative advances in cosmetic dermatology and non-surgical anti-aging treatments in recent years—not to mention his wildly popular skincare line. Birchbox recently hosted an event with some of our local bloggers at his state-of-the-art Miami office.

After filling us in on the practice’s history and his medical background (he’s an MD in addition to being a dermatologist), Dr. Brandt set us off on a tour of his labyrinthine office, where each room is home to cutting-edge equipment, including lasers, microdermabrasion machines and 3-D photography devices. One of Dr. Brandt’s aestheticians revealed that her most popular services right now (especially with celebs) is the HydraFacial™, which uses a vortex technology to flush dirt, oils, and dead skin cells out of pores and replaces them with nourishing serums.

Next to fillers, one of the other most requested treatments comes in the form of lasers, which are used to resurface the skin, improve tone and texture, and minimize the appearance of wrinkles. When we filed into the 3-D imaging lab, we could see the stunning results of these treatments over time in close-up photos of research volunteers’ pores and skin.

While I might be a little hesitant (OK—freaked out!) by the idea of lasers and fillers at 29, I’d be lying if I denied my increasing dismay over the fine lines beginning to form on my forehead and under my eyes. One theme of the evening was the importance of sun protection when it comes to slowing the process of aging. “Better to do little things starting young—you’ll look more natural,” I was told.

When it came time for my one-on-one consult, Dr. Brandt asked what my main skin concerns were—dryness, redness, dullness, and a bit of hyperpigmentation. He studied my face, then set to work prescribing his microdermabrasion scrub (very popular at Birchbox HQ!) to slough away a long winter’s worth of dead skin cells. To improve my skin’s texture and slow the inevitable signs of aging he recommended the Dual Fusion Water (a daily cleanser) and Face Cream from his XXY (aka Extend Your Youth) line. He recommended the overnight resurfacing serum from his new glow line, created with 2% retinol to mimic the anti-aging properties of his ruby laser technology, to remedy the unevenness of my skin tone.

Lastly, he recommended an in-office, non-invasive laser treatment for me called Clear+Brilliant. Working with the surface layer of the skin, it’s great for brightening and evening the skin’s pigment.

The next day I packed up my Dr. Brandt products and made my way to the airport, a flurry of anti-aging-related thoughts in my head. “You want to prevent it,” I remembered him saying to me, “which is easier than taking it away.” With that, I applied my doc-approved SPF 30 BB cream and headed back to NYC.

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