4 Simple Nail Art Ideas for Halloween

Whether you’re a nail polish junkie or a manicure minimalist, there’s one day a year when we can all step up our game: Halloween. And you don’t need to paint little pumpkins all over your nails to get in on the fun. Here are four foolproof designs to compliment your costume (or take the place of one) on the 31st.

Spirited French Tips (pointer finger): One of the easiest ways to celebrate is with a seasonal French manicure—especially if wild designs don’t fly at your workplace. Start by painting your nails with a neutral shade like Ruffian Naked, or a pearlescent white like I used here. I chose to incorporate some Halloween orange, so I picked Floss Gloss Fast Lane for the tips. If you have shaky hands, use short vertical lines to cover the tip of your nail. Steadier hands can pull off one long horizontal swoop of color.

Metallic Spider Webs (middle finger): A few strategically placed lines on wet polish create a dragging effect that’s perfect for spooky spider webs. Working one nail at a time, begin by covering the nail with a thick coat of silver polish. While that layer is wet, use a nail art brush or the end of a paperclip dipped in black polish to draw arched lines horizontally across the nail. Then, use the same tool to draw straight lines from the base of your nail to the tip. Try this design on each of your nails, or on just one finger for an unexpected accent nail.

Plastic Wrap Marbling (ring finger): Head to the kitchen—the only special tool you need for this manicure is a roll of plastic wrap. Start by polishing your nails with the color of your choice—I used the metallic green Hedge Fund shade by Ruffian. After this coat has dried, apply a coat of a contrasting shade (I used black) on top. Immediately blot the top of your nail with a crumpled piece of plastic wrap. When the sticky wrap touches the wet polish, it will pull up a bit of the color underneath, creating a marbled effect. Dip a Q-tip in nail polish remover to clean up any polish on your skin.

Screaming Neons (pinky): Begin by painting your nails with a bright, eye-catching color like this hot pink by Color Club, or for a more traditional Halloween look, try Deborah Lippmann Lara’s Theme. Apply a top coat and let your nails dry completely. Next, apply two small pieces of Scotch tape to each nail, sectioning off a sharp triangle at the tip of each nail. Use black nail polish to fill in the exposed triangle, and then carefully remove the tape while the polish is still wet. Let your nails dry and then add a top coat.

What will you be wearing on your nails on Halloween?

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