Turn Your Instagram Feed Into Nail Art

Never ones shy away from a good #ManiMonday, we here at Birchbox were pleasantly surprised to learn that we will soon be able wear our favorite Instagram photos on our nails. NailSnaps, a new mobile app in the works via Kickstarter, plans to bring custom nail art to our doorsteps.

The basic concept: Crop the Instagram photo of your choosing to fit the app's nail wrap template. NailSnaps will then print your custom wraps and ship to your house. Then, you apply just like a sticker. The wraps last up to a week, which is just enough time to snap another mani-worthy pic.

Since NailSnaps successfully raised the necessary funds in April, we expect to see it in the App Store any day now. One question remains, however—is it socially acceptable to have pictures of puppies plastered all over our nails? To be determined.

Photo: Kickstarter

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