Netflix for Workout Videos? Don’t Mind If We Do!

In the age of Seamless, Netflix, and HBO GO, we’ve grown accustomed to doing things on our own schedule—be it catching up on House of Cards or restocking the fridge. Why shouldn’t fitness work the same way? That was the question posed by Prita Kumar, a Harvard Business School brain and founder of Booya Fitness, a website that streams heart-pumping fitness videos on demand.

Kumar, a self-professed “fitness DVD junkie,” launched Booya Fitness in January as a way to let anyone access best-in-class, unique workouts from anywhere, at anytime. The site partners with boutique fitness instructors to provide a range of easy-to-follow classes, from low-impact yoga to sweat-your-face-off cardio. Unlike pricey gym memberships or specialty classes, which can run up to $35 a session, Booya is extremely affordable: just $9.99 a month for unlimited video streaming. Considering how much we spend on SoulCycle, you can see why this piece of news made our NYC hearts beat faster.

The site features a range of workouts to fit different styles and needs, but each lasts just 30 minutes because Kumar’s research shows that that’s the length of time you need to get an efficient, effective burn. In addition, Kumar handpicks the music that’s overlaid on each tape. One of her pet peeves was listening to generic techno while doing her squats and lunges, so she makes sure to choose tracks that will make you want to shake it. For city-dwellers, there’s also a useful search tool: you can filter for quiet videos that won’t bother your cranky neighbors.

And there’s more sweaty fun to come. The fledgling site plans to release 10 new videos in March, including a burlesque video that Kumar describes as “strength and toning with just a little bit of sass.” We’ll be there with our wifi on and our yoga mats in hand.

Photo: Booya Fitness

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