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Night Owls

We’d all probably benefit from a few extra hours of sleep a night but sometimes that’s just not feasible. Here are our favorite shortcuts to waking up gorgeous and refreshed.

The Do’s:

Invest in a great night serum and cream

Unlike during the day, when you need protection against sun, pollution, and other stressors, at night your skin requires healing help. That’s where serums and night creams come in. Choose one with plenty of active ingredients and antioxidants and you’ll see a difference within a week.

Mix a drop of self-tanner into your night cream

You’ll wake up with refreshed skin and a healthy glow. Plus, mixing it with your moisturizer prevents streaks or a drastically darker color. (Note: skip the white pillows when you self-tan.)

Keep a journal by your bed

We hate lying in bed with a nagging feeling that we’ve forgotten something or being kept awake because our minds are racing. Since ideas (and to-do lists) pop up at the unlikeliest times, keep a journal or notepad by your bedside to jot down ideas, dreams, or anything else you want to remember when you wake up.


Watch TV Right Before Bed

It’s tempting to unwind with a little television at the end of the day but the visual stimulation can keep you from falling soundly asleep. Shut it down a half hour before bed and reach for a good book instead.

Drink Alcohol Right Before Bed

It seems counterintuitive because when we indulge a bit too much we seem to pass out much quicker. In fact, once the initial effects wear off, sleep under the influence is actually must less restful. Since most of us enjoy a glass of wine with dinner or a couple cocktails occasionally, you can lessen the negative effects by stopping a few hours before your regular bedtime and staying hydrated. The general guideline is one-to-one alcoholic drinks to water.

Skip The Face Washing

We know you’ve heard it before but it bears repeating. If you do one thing before bed, it should be washing your face. Get rid of the day’s makeup and dead skin cells so your skin can recuperate overnight.

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