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Three Designs You Can Do At Your Desk

Why run for a latte when you can beat the 3 p.m. slump with some DIY nail art? Okay, we’re not actually advocating on-the-clock manicures, but all the tools you need to create eye-catching, on-trend designs are already sitting right there on your desk. And if your boss is out of town…

Reinforcement Label Moons

Reinforcement Begin by applying a coat of fresh polish to each nail, or work on top of an existing manicure. Once your nails are completely dry, firmly apply a reinforcement label to each nail in the position of your choice. (Helpful tip: cutting the labels in half helps get a tighter seal.) Apply polish to the part of the nail that isn’t covered using a contrasting color and then carefully remove the label while the polish is still wet. Finish with a glossy top coat.

Colors Used: Color Club’s Jackie Oh! over China Glaze Passion

Paper Clip Polka Dots

Paper Clip Who needs fancy dotting tools when you can get the same results with a plain old paper clip? Transfer a tiny dot of polish from the polish brush to the tip of an unfolded paper clip. Start dotting and add more polish to the paper clip as needed (every two or three dots). Try a dotted French tip or cover your entire nail for a look that is totally on-trend this season. Add a top coat to finish.

Colors Used: Nails Inc. Baker Street for the base with dots of RGB's Dew and Punch

Scotch Tape Rays

Scotch The most versatile nail art tool on your desk is definitely Scotch Tape. To get this look, begin by applying a dense, glittery polish to each nail. Once the glitter is dry, cut thin pointed strips of tape and apply them horizontally across each nail, fanning out from a single point at the nail’s edge. Make sure to leave some extra tape off the side so you have something to hold on to when removing the tape. Cover each nail with contrasting polish and remove the tape while the polish is wet to reveal the rays of glitter underneath. Apply a top coat to finish.

Colors Used: Nails Inc.’s The Thames over Marylebone

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