Our Fantasy Celebrity Beauty Lines

Recently, via a noir-esque video in which she writhes in an empty bathtub, Madonna announced her launch of a skincare line that will include serums and skin rejuvenators. She nonchalantly notes that "Having good skin is important to me but so are other things." (We happen to agree.)

The thought of harnessing Madge’s fountain of youth got us thinking: What other celebrity-helmed beauty collections would we love to get our hands on? May we present our dream list:

Celeb CEO: Blake Lively

Dream Launch: Shine-inducing haircare

Gretchen Weiners’ hair may be full of secrets, but Blake Lively’s mane is full of magic. Renowned for her perfectly-tousled, laissez faire locks, we’d love to treat our strands with a Lively-concocted collection of volume- and shine-boosting products.

Celeb CEO: Lupita Nyong'o

Dream Launch: Bright, bold lipstick

Given her talent for looking downright radiant in vivid colors, we’d love to see the Oscar-winner debut a collection of her own dazzling lipsticks. If wearing it could give us her knack for eloquent, touching acceptance speeches, that would be great, too.

Celeb CEO: Julia Roberts

Dream Launch: Sparkly teeth whiteners

If we close our eyes and think really hard, we can already imagine the QVC commercial: Turn that sorry Sunset Strip smile into a Richard Gere-worthy grin with a stain-erasing teeth whitener brought to you by the original pretty woman!

Celeb CEO: Lily Collins

Dream Launch: Brow tools

The actress’ buxom brows have inspired their own faux-twitter account. We’d gladly snip, tweeze, and groom our unruly brows into submission with Collins-approved pencils and gels.

Celeb CEO: Lea Michelle

Dream Launch: Smokey shadow palette

She may wear more demure makeup on Glee but nobody rocks a sultrier kohl-rimmed eye on the red carpet than Michelle. We’d want her (or her makeup artist) to give us a tutorial too.

Celeb CEO: Jared Leto

Dream Launch: Ombre fade-protecting shampoo and conditioner

Like a moth to the flame, we’re mesmerized by Jared Leto’s magnificent mane. We long to fill our shower caddies with a line of shampoos and conditioners devised by the hair god to maintain the perfect ombre color.

Celeb CEO: George Clooney

Dream Launch: Eau de Clooney (a unisex scent)

These days, it seems like every female celeb under the sun has a self-titled fragrance collection. So, why not Clooney? We’d happily splash on the actor/director/ladykiller scent—which we’re guessing would be a handsome blend of classic fragrance notes. Hopefully it would attract his scent too.

(Photos: s_bukley)

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