Our Top 5 Favorite Oscar Party Snacks

In preparation for Oscar Sunday, we’ve nominated a handful of festive snacks to serve at your viewing party. Get ready to roll out the red carpet in your kitchen for the best…..

...Popcorn Upgrade

Give the movie staple a major upgrade by topping it with Asiago cheese, chives, coconut oil and—the award-winning ingredients here—white truffle oil and black truffle butter.

...Sophisticated Finger Food

Dress up crisp endive leaves with creamy ricotta, almonds, and raisins. Presentation is (almost) everything, and these colorful nibbles will not disappoint your guests.

...Surprisingly Healthy Dip

Dips are usually diet danger zones. Cut out a lot of the calories but none of the flavor by swapping Greek yogurt in for sour cream in this French Onion Dip with Caramelized Onions.

...New Rendition of the Doughnut

When there’s a lull in the show (i.e., when they’re announcing the nominees for sound mixing), break out these decadent glazed doughnuts with coffee ice cream sandwiched in between—oh, and dipped in melted chocolate.

...Bubbly Beverage

Toast the winners with this classic take on a champagne cocktail. Just add bitters, sugar and some sparkling wine.

—Hilary Presely

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