Do You Need to Take a Beauty Vacation?

It’s summer, which means we’re more than ready for a little R&R. And if your regular beauty routine is anything like ours (tweeze, polish, exfoliate, repeat!) your skin and nails are likely in need of a break too. Here’s how and when to take a much-needed primping siesta:

Polishing Your Nails

Both polish and acetone removers tend to be drying, so going bare for a week between manis can lead to healthier nails. According to A-list manicurist Bethany Newell, taking a break gives nails a chance to remove any yellowing that may have occurred while covered. If you use harsh solutions (think: acrylics, gels, and glued-on bling), you’ll need even more TLC to prevent the quality of the nail from diminishing, Newell says. Use Retrospect Hand & Nail Reconstructor to strengthen damaged, brittle nails and hydrate dry cuticles

Exfoliating Your Face

Exfoliation is one of the keys to a bright complexion, but you don’t want to overdo it—especially if your skin gets sensitive or red after scrubbing. Dr. Leslie Baumann, a renowned dermatologist based in Miami, recommends exfoliating twice weekly, though a product like Vasanti’s Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator can be used 3 to 5 times a week. The same goes for your Clarisonic. “Even the sensitive brush head can be too much for some skin to handle if used once a day, so try every other day instead,” advises Dr. Baumann. While your complexion is recovering, use a calming cleanser and hydrator (we’re keen on Avène’s Extremely Gentle Cleanser Lotion and Jurlique’s Calendula Redness Rescue Soothing Moisture Cream).

Applying Anti-Aging and Acne Treatments

The type of retinol used to minimize fine lines and eliminate blemishes (and found in products like Dr. Brandt’s Overnight Resurfacing Serum) can be applied daily, if your skin can tolerate it. A little dryness and flakiness is normal, but if you experience major irritation, skip a night or two between applications, recommends Dr. Baumann. Maintaining moisture is key, so add a few drops of a face oil like this one from Olie Biologique Huile Claire 006 before retinol if you have sensitive skin; if not, do the reverse.

Tweezing Your Brows

You pluck a stray hair here, another there, and before you know it your eyebrows are thinner than John Waters’ mustache. What’s worse, some hairs may never grow back, permanently altering your natural arch shape. Take 3 to 4 weeks in between tweezing sessions, then use these Anastasia Beverly Hills Stencils to ensure you don’t over do it. (Pluck within the lines!)

Shaving Your Legs

If your skin is red, irritated, or inflamed after shaving, step away from the razor for a few days. Slather on a soothing moisturizer to speed up healing—we love the eco-friendly and irritant-free Gilchrist & Soames London Collection Body Lotion. When you do shave again, lubricate your legs with a silky formula like this one from Whish to prevent razor burn. Also, remember to change your blade on the regular—they become dull after just 4-6 uses, which can lead to nicks and ingrown hairs.

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