Overindulgence Cures

From going back for seconds (and thirds) when we’re already full to sipping on one too many cocktails, we fall prey to the same holiday temptations every year. And who can blame us? Even the most disciplined revelers can’t help overindulging every now and then. But that doesn’t mean you have to suffer post-festivities. We asked celebrity nutritionist Dr. Oz Garcia for ways to look and feel brand new again.


Between the gingerbread cookies, egg nog, and glazed ham, the holidays are sure to bring out our inner gluttons. A little excess is fine, but regret strikes when we wake up the next day feeling ill and bloated. “The smartest thing you can do is get up and exercise,” Dr. Oz Garcia says. “Go to the gym, take a long run, do cardio.” Instead of fatty leftovers, Dr. Oz Garcia recommends going for “fresh, energizing foods like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables that won’t leave you lethargic.”


Who knew a few cups of spiked cider could leave you with a massive hangover? According to Dr. Oz Garcia, you should take an anti-inflammatory like aspirin to relieve your pounding headache. Speed up the recovery process by drinking a natural elixir like EBOOST’s Super Berry Shot, which has vitamin C, vitamin D, and plenty of electrolytes.


You partied until the elves went home, and now you’re paying the price at 10 am. Before you rush out the door to grab brunch, take a little time to recover. Last night’s stiletto marathon likely left your feet aching and puffy, so soak them in a warm bath infused with AHAVA’s mineral-infused bath salts for a few minutes. Revive yesterday’s blowout by spraying Oscar Blandi’s oil-zapping dry shampoo on your roots, and help dull skin glow again with a few drops of a face oil like Olìe Biologique’s Huile Moderne. Next, hide dark circles by dabbing on a few dots of Benefits’s light-reflecting Ooh La Lift concealer. Everyone will think you woke up looking this gorgeous.

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