Overnight Strand-sation

Mornings are always rushed, which is why a little hair strategy is in order. Of course, no one can afford to have messy tresses, but what if you could make your bedhead look beautiful? Sleeping with your hair in braids and buns is an fuss-free way to get covetable curls and beachy waves. Here are three easy techniques you can do at night so that you can wake up with gorgeous hair.

Top Knot = Long Loose Waves

Ever wonder how Gisele gets those lovely voluminous waves? Well, we haven’t asked her, but if you want to replicate the supermodel’s style, try sleeping with your hair in a loose top knot. Start by pulling damp hair all the way on top of your head and with an elastic, pull your hair through once so it’s in a ponytail. Next, pull your ponytail back through the elastic, but only halfway and then secure in place with the elastic so you have a nice large loop. If you want to ensure that your pretty waves last all day, apply a dime sized amount of Oscar Blandi Hair Lift to hair while still wet. When you wake up, take the top knot out, then flip your head over and fluff up your hair. If your roots are flat, spritz them with a volumizing spray like Blow Up Thickening Mist and give them a quick blast with the blow dryer.

Multiple Buns = Ringlet-like Curls

If you lust after Taylor Swift’s corkscrew coils but don’t have the energry for curling irons, try sleeping with multiple buns. Start by separating damp hair into a couple different sections. Hint: you can play around with the number of buns to create tighter or looser style. Take each section and twist it tightly so it’s wound from scalp to ends. Then, coil the strand around itself until you have a bun and secure with an elastic. Continue until you have a head full of Princess Leia-like cinnamon buns. In the morning, remove all the elastics and shake out hair (don’t brush!). Take a small amount of a curl definining cream like Amika’s light lotion, and apply the product by twirling into your hair so that it defines your curls without them down.

Braids = Beachy Hair

For well-defined waves, try the old-school overnight braid method. It worked in middle school, and it still does the trick. A tight French or regular braid will do, but to get balanced waves, we like braided pig tails. Just part your damp hair down the middle and create evenly sized braids on both sides of your head. When your braids are dry in the morning, take them out and gently shake your hands through your hair so it’s not piece-y. If you have any frizz or flyaways, try applying a few drops of Oscar Blandi Olio di Jasmine Serum to fingertips and comb it through your hair using your hands.

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