Pillar of Good Grooming: Cary Grant

There’s good grooming, and then there’s Cary Grant. Born Archibald Leach (we can appreciate the name change) in Bristol, England, it’s nearly impossible to discuss classic men’s style without mentioning the legendary actor from films like “To Catch a Thief” and “North by Northwest.” Despite being blessed with natural good looks, Grant made a serious effort to maintain his debonair appearance. Here, we take a closer look at how to emulate Hollywood’s greatest leading man.

1. Play Your Part

Grant’s side part is a thing of beauty. With nary a hair out of place, it perfectly complements the formality of his tux (which, like all of his suits, was custom-made by distinguished Savile Row tailor Kilgour). What lesson can be learned here? It’s the little things that make all the difference. Take an extra minute to perfect that side part (consult our instructional video for proper technique), and use a quality product like Oribe’s Original Pomade to achieve the ideal level of shine.

2. Stay Smooth

Sure, the scruffy look is great on the weekends, but when you want to class things up like a Hollywood icon, a proper shave is in order. The key to achieving Grant’s level of smoothness is proper technique from start to finish. Use a pre-shave oil to soften facial hair, and be sure to use fresh razor blades for ultimate closeness. Lastly, apply an aftershave (such as John Allan’s Cool Face) to ensure no razor bumps or irritation.

3. Get Some Color

Grant’s perma-tan was the result of countless sunny days in Hollywood—paired with an aversion to having to wear makeup during filming. While you may not be able to match his SoCal glow, a hint of a tan makes almost everyone look better. Sun not coming out much? A moisturizer with a subtle tint will make you look healthier without people wondering if you’ve hit the tanning bed.

4. Nail the Details

That sliver of a pocket square peeking out from Grant’s lapel? That perfectly proportioned, Thom Browne-esque bow tie? Those are no accidents. The moral of the story? Just because you know enough to accessorize properly doesn’t mean you need to display it loudly to the world. Understatement was Grant’s middle name. It should be yours, too.

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