Play It or Bench It?

Updating your beauty wardrobe for spring can be as nerve-racking as watching your favorite team inch their way toward the Final Four. In this month of madness, we thought we'd offer some clear-cut advice on the products to play—and the ones to sit out till next season.

Play It

Solid Perfume

With the texture of a dense balm, solid perfume is a clutch player—it lasts through hours of intensive play and is totally spill-proof.

Birchbox MVP: Modern and sophisticated, Sage + Fasten’s Common Sense features delicate floral notes like orchid and lotus flower that unfold throughout the day.

Easy-Breezy Nail Art

We love nail art featuring Van Gogh and Beyonce’s likeness just as much as the next gal, but we’re too impatient to paint a miniature mural on our digits—which is why we’re bumping sleekly patterned nail strips into our starting lineup.

Birchbox MVP: Incoco® Design Manicure makes for an easy nail-art layup.

1920s Hair Accessories

With the fervor over Baz Luhrmann’s Great Gatsby reaching its apex this spring, expect to see flapper-inspired hair accessories everywhere. Make like Daisy Buchanan and hop on this trend right now.

Birchbox MVP: Twistband’s colorful Headbands are a slam dunk with any hairstyle, but we especially love them with 20s-style finger waves.

Bench It


We’ll always have a soft spot for this cheekbone-faking, glow-inducing essential. But let the hall-of-famer recoup for a season and test out an on-trend velvety matte look instead.

Birchbox MVP: Marcelle BB Cream. Our first-round draft pick creates a flawless, shine-free complexion.

Tangerine Eye Shadow

The hullabaloo this juicy shade caused in 2012 has given way to the freshman color rookie, blue. To win over any crowd, play this hue at center.

Birchbox MVP: Apply MAKE’s Blue Toile Satin Finish Eyeshadow to your lids for a pretty wash of flattering periwinkle blue.


Before you freak out, don't be ridiculous—we’d never ask you to nix the beloved eye-popping essential. But it's high time to toss that old mascara that’s into its fifth overtime.

Birchbox MVP: Trade up your germ dispenser for Benefit’s BADgal Lash Mascara. This beauty veteran features an oversized brush that lengthens even the stubbiest lashes.

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