Power of Three: Eyes Wide Open

It’s a common misconception that you need to load on the eye makeup to bring attention to your eyes. We’ve outlined how you can complement your gaze with just three straightforward products. This minimalist look is all about playing up your natural features, so stick to this easy formula: bright lash line, neutral shadow, and bold brows.

Step 1: Jouer Essential Eye Clarifying Pencil

You can’t have a captivating stare if you look tired. Luckily, you can fake being more awake by using Jouer’s Essential Eye Clarifying Pencil. Use this cream-colored nude pencil on your waterline to counteract any redness and make the whites of your eyes appear brighter. You’ll look perkier in less than ten seconds flat.

Step 2: Stila Eye Shadow in Oasis

To quickly even out your eye area, give everything from your lid up to your brow bone a quick wash of neutral shadow. stila’s Sun is a particular good hue because its beige-y tone masks any discoloration and it has the faintest bit of shimmer to illuminate your eyes.

Step 3: ybf Automatic Universal Eyebrow Pencil

The critical step that is so often skipped: grooming your brows. Your eyebrows frame your face and add balance, so it’s crucial to have the right shape and fullness. Using the ybf Automatic Universal Eyebrow Pencil in Taupe, fill in any sparse areas with short feathery strokes and blend in the color using the attached brow brush. The versatile shade works on all hair colors and will change depending on the pressure you apply. For light hair, use a gentle touch and for darker hair, use a heavier hand.

Side note: While this look doesn’t necessarily call for it, we would never ask you to give up your mascara. Add a quick swipe of dark brown for a polished, natural look.

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