Presidential Drama: Our Predictions for the Second Half of Scandal’s Insane Season

White hats on! That’s right, Gladiators. It’s time for our favorite fabulous-coat-wearing fixer to return to prime time this Thursday. Here’s what our gut is telling us will happen in the bonkers world of Olivia Pope.

Fitz and Liv will get back together…again

Huge shocker—these two can’t keep their paws off each other for long. With the president’s reelection campaign at the center of the second half of this season, we foresee Ms. Pope getting sucked back into the vortex that is Fitz. (It's debatable whether he will "earn" her.)

Huck will continue to scare the bejeezus out of us

The drill-happy associate didn’t show much remorse after pulling out Quinn’s teeth (we’re still having nightmares about that, by the way), and we don’t see him becoming a softie anytime soon. Though we do anticipate a reunion with his real family.

Mellie will (try to) make Fitz jealous

Her desperate attempts to win his affection have failed miserably thus far, but we hear that a new love interest for the frigid First Lady has been cast. Though we doubt POTUS will ever be faithful, perhaps this will re-pique his interest in his wife.

Jake is going to show his psycho side

Anyone who’s involved in B613 is bat-you-know-what crazy. Now that the dreamy Navy man is in command, it’s only a matter of time before he does something seriously dark.

The Prada bags will get bigger and better

As if we didn’t already want to raid her closet, we predict that Ms. Pope will be carrying some strategically placed insane purses to conceal Kerry Washington’s real-life baby bump.

Shonda Rhimes will continue to be completely unpredictable

As much as we’ve enjoyed this soothsaying, the truth is this notoriously cagey showrunner always has something ridiculous up her sleeve. We wouldn’t be surprised if she makes Olivia’s mom blow up the whole White House—that’s something even Pope and Associates couldn’t shut down.

Photo: ABC

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