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Makeup · June 13, 2016

Proof That Defined Brows Can Transform Your Face

Shaping your brows can sometimes feel like an unnecessary step, especially on an everyday basis (who's got time?!). But we're firm believers that defining and filling them in with as little as one product can have a huge impact on how you look. To prove it, we enlisted the help of Jared Bailey, Benefit Cosmetics' International Spokesperson for Global Services, to share his application tips with a few staffers who admit to having some arch issues. See for yourself just how big of a difference fuller, darker, sculpted brows can make, with minimal other makeup.

From Thin to Full

imageswiper imageRight=/images/uploads/May_PowerOfGroomedBrows_Cherise_Before_700x1000.jpg imageLeft=/images/uploads/May_PowerOfGroomedBrows_Cherise_After_700x1000.jpg/imageswiper To fill in staffer Cherise Miller's thin, uneven arches, Bailey recommends using Benefits Goof Proof Brow Pencil, a creamy, pomade-like formula that glides on smooth to tame hairs and fill in sparse patches. To create an arch that looks natural and not drawn on, align a pencil with the outer portion of the nose, then point it to the highest portion of the brow. Use short, hair-like strokes to fill in this area, then use the comb to blend the color.

From Shapeless to Defined

imageswiper imageRight=/images/uploads/May_PowerOfGroomedBrows_Morgan_Before_700x1000.jpg imageLeft=/images/uploads/May_PowerOfGroomedBrows_Morgan_After_700x1000.jpg startPosition=0.6/imageswiper To add structure to staffer Morgan Gossett's brows while still keeping a natural look, Bailey suggests shading and shaping them with Benefit brow zings tame & shape kit. Load up an angled brush with the pigmented wax and make tiny strokes across the entire brow, starting at the beginning near the center of the face and moving to the siderepeat this same technique using the powder. By filling in the thinner area between the arch and the end, brows appear stronger and more angular, without being overly pronounced.

From Sparse to Filled Out

imageswiper imageRight=/images/uploads/May_PowerOfGroomedBrows_Madison_Before_700x1000(1).jpg imageLeft=/images/uploads/May_PowerOfGroomedBrows_Madison_After_700x1000(1).jpg/imageswiper To add some depth to staffer Madison Amburn's fair, unruly brows, Bailey says he'd rely on Benefit gimme brow volumizing fiber gel. The volumizing fiber gel mimics the look of real hair, giving her darker, tamer brows with just a few swipes. He recommends backcombing against the brow from the end to the start, re-dipping the wand, then combing it through from the start to the end for maximum volume on pale, patchy brows.


Lauren Smith