Read Our Lips

It’s bad enough that our faces turn red and parched during the winter but when our lips dry out, it’s downright distracting. Dry air and brutal winds call for drastic measures. We’ve come up with a plan to keep lips in tip-top shape.

Step 1: Exfoliate

Use a granular lip scrub to gently buff away dead skin without irritating. We love Sara Happ’s Lip Scrub because it smells amazing and the sugar formula is almost good enough to eat (seriously). If you need extra help, use a soft toothbrush to get rid of any remaining flakes.

Step 2: Smooth

It’s not just your face that can benefit from a mask—applying a lip mask for a few minutes will leave lips smoother and more hydrated. June Jacobs Lip Masque has kaolin clay to draw out any impurities, plus antioxidants, algae extract, and wheat protein to condition and boost elasticity in the skin. Warning: this step will make you look a little strange. Either hang out in the bathroom with a magazine for a few minutes or be prepared to launch an explanation of new trends in “extreme lipstick.”

Step 3: Hydrate

Finally, you want to seal in the moisture on your newly soft lips. Check the formula on your lip balm before smearing it on your lips. Ingredients like petroleum jelly or menthol (minty, but drying!) are common but aren’t best for keeping lips hydrated long term. Nuxe Reve de Miel® Lip Balm has natural moisturizers like acacia honey and shea butter, as well as repairing sweet almond, calendula, and Chilean rose oil. For something with more shine, try By Terry’s luxurious Baume de Rose, a cult balm with shea butter and vitamin E.

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