Reverse Photoshop: When Models Are Retouched to Look Healthier

This week, an article in The Huffington Post clued us in to a phenomenon we never considered: reverse Photoshopping. While we're used to seeing healthy-looking models and celebs being whittled down to twigs via Photoshop's tools palette, the article points out that when it comes to the superthin models of fashion editorials, those same tools can be used to create the illusion of health.

In the piece, former Cosmopolitan editor Leah Hardy fesses up to her participation in some of these editorials, and the article goes on to cite instances in which editors had to smooth over the outline of Karlie Kloss's exposed ribs and fill in Cameron Diaz's arms (above). "Thanks to retouching, our readers...never saw the horrible, hungry downside of skinny," Hardy regretfully admits. And while she doesn't aim to pick on the naturally thin, she hopes her admission will help readers know that the result of unhealthy dieting isn't the picture of wellness and beauty.

Until the rest of the world figures it out, we'll continue to seek out editorials and magazines that understand that women come in all shapes and sizes.

Photo: The Huffington Post

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