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Skincare · March 13, 2015

The Mask That Minimizes Wrinkles in 10 Minutes

I may be too young for a facelift, but at 41, my skin is definitely showing signs of age. My crows feet and laugh lines are beginning to deepen, and the delicate skin of my dcolletage is getting ever more crepe-y. Always on the hunt for wrinkle-busting creams and serums, I started testing Roloxin Lift.

Roloxin Lift is a topical treatment applied like a mask. After massaging the product in its single-use foil packet to activate, you apply like any other mask to clean skin, and wait 710 minutes for the product to do its thing. As it dries to a white powder, it tightens over your skin, producing a slightly itchy sensation that makes you think, Those active ingredients are kicking into high gear! What are they? Hydropphilic and hydrophobic silica particles, which form a kind of latticework on top of the skin to create a smoother appearance.

After rinsing and applying moisturizer, thats when youll notice the differencethe effects are immediate and last up to 24 hours, though I saw best results in the 12 hours following application. Roloxin didnt miraculously shave 10 years off my face, but then nothing short of a serious surgical intervention could (and, frankly, I dont want to look unnaturally young). What it did do was slightly soften those laugh lines; noticeably reduce the appearance of my pores, especially the ginormous ones close to the bridge of my nose; and improve my skins overall texture and tone.

When I followed up with my usual routine of Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer and a mix of Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint and Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm SPF 25+, my pores were invisible and my face looked brighter. At $11 a packet, I cant afford to use Roloxin on a daily basis. But on days when I want to look and feel my best, $11 is more than worth it. And compared to the cost of an actual facelift, its a steal.