Royals—They’re Just Like Us!

Full disclosure: We’d do anything to have something—anything—in common with the British royal family, even if it meant grasping at (gilded, obviously) straws. Well, after closer inspection, we actually found a host of similarities between the British monarchy and the average Birchbox staffer. Don’t believe us? Take a look at where our tastes in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle overlap—and then just try to tell us we’re only dreaming.

They Appreciate Awesome Head Gear

We loved bearing witness to the crazy array of hats on display at the royal wedding. Through the fog of whimsical fascinators and extrawide brims, one fashion truth emerged: The royals understand the power of a perfect topper. Pending our marriage to a handsome duke, we’re more likely to don one of Under Armour’s sweat-wicking Perfect Headbands. They’re the sporty girl’s version of a regal crown braid.

They Wear the Same Designers

In addition to Zara and other ready-to-wear labels, the Duchess of Cambridge has a penchant for one of our favorite NYC-based designers: Rebecca Taylor. Granted, her chic dresses and breezily elegant designs count as splurge pieces for us. But we can still spruce up our wardrobes with a cool accessory or two, like the Rebecca Taylor Makeup Pouch.

They Don’t Mess Around with Their Tea

It’s no secret that the Brits take teatime very seriously. As it turns out, they’re sipping the same choice blends that line our pantry shelves. Family-owned brand (and Birchbox favorite) Ahmad Tea has the honor of packing teas for the Royal Collection, sold in none other than Buckingham Palace. When we’re craving a delicious cupful, we’re especially partial to their Brittania Collection.

They’re Setting the Skincare World Abuzz

Both the Duchess of Cornwall and her beauty protégée, the Duchess of Cambridge, have reportedly indulged in so-called “bee sting facials.” The cutting-edge treatment is said to mimic the effects of Botox using venom from real bee stings. While we have yet to test-drive that particular procedure, we’re big fans of another skin-saving bee product: honey. Our latest favorite: Bee Kind Body Lotion. It may not relax your wrinkles, but the fast-absorbing formula will certainly nourish skin and smell darn good doing it.

They’re Partial to Floral Perfumes

For her wedding day, the soon-to-be Duchess donned a garden-inspired fragrance—Illuminum's White Gardenia Petals, to be exact. Surprise, surprise: It promptly sold out everywhere. While we haven’t yet tried this particular concoction, it’s made with a trio of white flowers—much like a recent addition to our Shop, LIERAC Paris Sensorielle Water. The uberfeminine scents share notes of gardenia and jasmine. Plus, our version also helps heal dry skin.

Photo: George Pimentel/WireImage

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