Runway Remodeled: Saturated Shadows

Hyper-pigmented shadows are more wearable than you think and add pop to neutral fall fashions. Start with turquoise or purple, which look good on nearly everyone and choose a high-quality shadow with a matte or light shimmer finish (leave glitter to the teens). Before you apply, prep the eyelid with primer so the color goes on smoothly and stays true. And, for the love of makeup, don’t match your shadow to your outfit. Here are two easy ways to go bright.

1. Insta-Liner

Apply a neutral shadow over the entire lid, lashline to browbone. Next, dampen a slanted angle brush with water and run it through the saturated shadow. Starting at the inside corner of the eye, press and drag the brush along the lashline. Add extra pigment until you’re happy. A little mascara and you’re set!

2. Smudge Central

Cover the entire eyelid, lashline to browbone, with a neutral shadow. Using a crease brush, apply the saturated color from the outer corner of the eye toward the center in a thick line (don’t worry if it’s messy). Now, use a clean brush to apply the neutral color above the bright line, starting at the inner eye and blending outward. Use a slanted angle brush to lightly line both the upper and lower lashlines, and finish with a generous coat of mascara.

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