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Birchbox Crush: Salma Hayek

In a culture where celebrities slap their names on everything from perfume to wine without a second thought, Salma Hayek and her Nuance line are a refreshing exception. The star’s 100-product beauty and skincare brand—available exclusively at CVS Pharmacy—is inspired by her grandmother, a cosmetologist who herself was inspired by ancient Mayan traditions. When Hayek isn’t in the lab helping perfect formulas (yes, that’s how involved she is), she’s busy running her own production company Ventanarosa and expanding Cooler Cleanse, the juice company of which she’s a co-founder. Not to mention, you know, acting, and raising her daughter. While the star didn’t reveal all of her secrets, she did let us in on a few of her most surprising beauty tips.

What’s been the most rewarding part of creating your own beauty line?

At the beginning I did notice (and I understand [why]) that labs were a little bit suspicious of an actress trying to tell them how to do a cream. They were wary of someone coming in and giving them recipes and ingredients, because they thought they knew every ingredient that ever existed. And I was very secretive: If we decide to work with you, you have to sign all these documents. And they were a little bit like, What’s her problem? Like she’s going to know something we don’t know? And then they were so shocked. So that was my first big satisfaction.

What’s your biggest hair secret?

I can go to the best hairdressers in the world, and I will always prefer this over any hairdo: When I come out of the shower, I apply the Texturizing Sea Salt to damp hair and it really makes a big difference. You have to figure out how much your hair needs. I actually put a lot in and let it air dry. And that’s it. My hair has never looked better. I don’t travel anywhere without it.

What’s your daily routine?

Now I am into the Antiaging Super Eye Treatment and the Antiaging Serum Concentrate. Those are the first things I put on in the morning, and then I put on my moisturizer. If it’s hot or I am going to be out in the sun, I use the Renew Radiance SPF 30 Moisturizing Day Cream. If it’s not, then I just use the AM/PM Antiaging Super Cream.

What’s your best antiaging tip?

Thinking long-term. I don’t believe in peels. A lot of people were doing peels starting years ago. Yes, in the moment they look fantastic. Now they don’t. Now I look better. Do not do things that make your skin thin out. Because if you inject it or pull it, you will look old. I also don’t do microdermabrasion. None of that.

So no peels, no microdermabrasion. What else should people stay away from?

Botox. Look, I want it too, but I stay away from it. When people get it done right, they look amazing, but the problem is, this is going to age you in the long run because you’re not moving your muscles. If you keep doing it, then how much do you need? A lot more because your face starts to fall apart because you don’t have muscle tone. I think long run. I don’t want to do something like this when I am 30 or 40. I want to save it for when I really need it, which is when I am 50 or 60. Maybe in the future I will do it.

When you splurge, what’s your favorite beauty treatment?

Thai massage. Because it also stretches you and you work with the person. It’s somewhere between a massage and a yoga class, and I feel like it just does wonders for me.

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