Sarah Bowman: Beauty in Action

If you don’t follow running, you’ve probably never heard of Sarah Bowman. If you do, then you know that the 24-year-old is an Olympic hopeful well on her way to superstardom. Her resume is jam-packed with accomplishments already, including being a six-time All American, an Indoor World Record holder in the DMR, and a 2008 Olympic Trials finalist—and all of that was just while she was still a student at the University of Tennessee. Since graduating in 2009, Bowman has gone pro and snagged a very coveted sponsorship from New Balance. We were able to catch up with the phenom—or more appropriately, she slowed down long enough to talk to us. After chatting, we’re bigger fans than ever and learned some interesting tidbits about this rock star — for starters, she doesn’t listen to music while training, races in makeup, and is helplessly obsessed with Chapstick.

Favorite Distance

My favorite distance is the 1500, probably because when I started running as a kid in gym class, I ran the mile, which is a similar length. I was really familiar with it and it just worked out that it ended up being my strongest event. (Side note: Bowman’s personal best in that distance is 4:05).

Proudest Accomplishment

I’ve done some things that I’m really proud of through my high school, college, and professional career, and I think each time you do something, you’re just kind of looking for the next thing. So I don’t know if there’s one moment that I’m most proud of because I’m always pushing myself for that next moment.

Must-Have Product

Chapstick. Just the regular moisturizing Chapstick. I will kind of slightly panic if I do not have Chapstick in one of my track bags and it’s probably in every purse I own.

Beauty Routine

It depends on whether or not I am running all day. I am one of those girls that carries around the Clearasil Acne Fighting Cleansing Wipes for after workouts. If I’ve just come back after a night out, I’ll use a Clean & Clear Face Wash and an oil-free makeup remover. I also like the Clinique’s Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector. Being in the sun so much because I run outdoors causes my blemishes to scar more easily and leave a mark. I put on sunscreen as much as I can remember, but the Spot Corrector definitely helps a lot.

Hair Care

I have somewhat wavy hair so it’s not the easiest to deal with especially as a runner because I always have to do something to make it look halfway decent. Normally, I will just throw it up in a ponytail, but if I have plans to go somewhere, I’ll actually blow-dry it. When I style my hair, I use Pantene Pro-V’s Fine Hair protection. If I am not going anywhere and I’m just working out, I’ll take a shower and put some Pantene Pro-V Fine Hair Style Root Lifter Spray Gel in it to give it a little bit of lift.

Running In Makeup

If I’m just training, I don’t wear any makeup. When I’m competing, I’ll put on some foundation with SPF. My mom gets a good one for me, it’s Costco brand and I’ll wear that along with some Revlon CustomEyes Waterproof Mascara. If I’m going to play a sport, I might as well try to look okay while doing it. It’s not priority number one, obviously, but it is fun to be girly.

Play List

I actually don’t listen to music while I run. I’ve maybe have taken an iPod on a run with me twice in my entire running career. I feel like music distracts you from the fact that you’re running and I really don’t mind that I’m running. I enjoy it.

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