Save Major Time Styling Your Hair

This spring, I’m grappling with a trifecta of bad-hair-day forces: fresh blonde highlights, scalp-irritating allergens, and gonzo temperature fluctuation . Yet, I remain steadfast in my pursuit of glorious Gisele Bundchen-esque locks. Determined to persevere, I’ve added Davines Oi/All in One Milk to my hair care routine. The multi-tasking product acts as a deep conditioner, detangler and serum. (Spoiler Alert! Some of our lucky subscribers will be sampling it in their April Birchboxes.)

While the black bottle might seem a little foreboding, the formula inside is packed with a dream team of nourishing ingredients. There’s roucou oil, an Amazonian plant extract that supports hair growth and shields strands from harmful UV rays. Ellagic acid fends off free radicals. And provitamin B5 conditions hair and keeps it soft during heat styling while preventing unwanted frizz.

Post-shower, I applied some to my slightly damp mane. The instructions recommend 10 to 15 spritzes, but a couple sprays sufficed for my shoulder-grazing bob. The formula has a lightweight, non-greasy consistency and immediately seeped into my roots. At first sniff, the powder-y, floral scent seems a little overpowering, but it quickly mellows into a soft, lush bouquet.

After using the treatment for a week, my dyed locks look noticeably less fried and feel velvety-soft. In spite of the lingering chill, my hair remains frizz- and static-free all day long. Plus, my dry, itchy scalp feels less, well, dry and itchy. Bottom line: Davines Oi/All in One Milk is a formidable opponent to any hair curveballs spring might toss my way.

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