Save Your Skin From Pollution

Air pollutants, essentially tiny particles that can work their way into pores and skin, can very prematurely age your skin, as well as result in acne and a dull-looking complexion. A recent German study by the Heinrich-Heine University in Düsseldorf of 400 women showed that significant exposure to environmental pollutants like soot and smog caused age spots and skin damage comparable to that caused by smoking. So what is the key to protecting skin? Read on to find out.


Dirt, smog and dust particles can buildup in pores after a long day outside. Proper cleansing gives skin a chance to breathe in the oxygen that it needs to keep a youthful glow. Use a botanical based option like Juice Beauty’s Blemish Clearing Cleanser, to gently dissolve dirt and grime, and deliver a dose of skin-enriching antioxidants and vitamins. Follow-up with a replenishing clay mask, like EVE LOM’s Rescue Mask, which gently pulls oil and dirt from skin without over-drying, and uses almond meal to help even out skin tone.


Use a rejuvenating moisturizer to improve skin’s defense against the elements. Look for antioxidant ingredients to help combat free-radicals, and enriching vitamins like A, C, and E. AHAVA's Essential Day moisturizer is formulated with a potent mix of aloe, vitamins and amino acids to repair damaged skin and boost moisture retention. What's even better, though, are the Dead Sea minerals in the cream that help protect skin and improve its resilience to sun damage. While exhaust and soot cause serious damage, UV rays are an even bigger culprit. Make sure to finish off your regimen with a long-lasting protective sunscreen, like Supergoop!’s green-tea enriched Sunscreen Swipes, that are small enough to tote around all-day long, making extra applications a breeze.


Free-radicals, those pesky floating electrons that cause tissue damage like wrinkles and fine lines by hindering collagen production and preventing oxygen from reaching skin cells, are common in polluted environments. Purify pores and brighten drab skin by buffing away dead skin cells with an exfoliant like NIA 24’s Physical Cleansing Scrub. It uses jojoba beads coated in Vitamin B-rich niacin to boost circulation and repair cell damage.

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