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Hair · May 28, 2015

Mens Hair Styling Tips: What to Know About Sea Salt Spray

What Sea Salt Spray Does

Sea salt spray delivers an oil-absorbing mist to texturize and volumize hair, as well as to enhance your natural curl.

How and When to Use It

Sea salt spray works bets in medium or long styles, and as the last (or only) step in your styling routine. Spritz it lightly throughout your hair and scrunch your locks for a tousled, undone look. you can even comb it through to ensure an even distribution, then muss it up for a less defined style. The salt provides a light-to-medium hold by absorbing grease and oil.

Its best on wet hair (for enhanced curls or textured straight hair), but can be used on dry (also for texture, or acting as a dry shampoo between washes). Pro tip: If you like the scent, you can sometimes spritz it on your body, too. Sprays like Herbivore Botanicals Hair Texturizing Spray have all-natural ingredients so they wont irritate your skin.

Drawbacks of a Salt-and-Sun Style

Some people find that the salt in these sprays creates build-up or dries out their hair. To combat that effect, try a product thats loaded with moisture. PARLOR by Jeff Chastain Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray, for instance, includes almond extract to soften strands as it texturizes. Otherwise, be sure to wash your hair two or three times a week with a reparative conditioning shampoo, to help balance out the natural oils that keep your hair healthy.


Adam Hurly