Seasoned Traveler: George Esquivel

George Esquivel, the noted footwear designed and newly anointed Creative Director for Tumi, has a weakness for diet coke, always travels with face wipes, and unabashedly flies in the face of conventional wisdom when it comes to checked bags. Here, he shares his luggage wisdom and let’s us in on his go-to post-flight breath freshener.

Hard vs. soft. Soft shell. I like to shop when I travel, so I need a soft case for overstuffing capabilities.

Checked bag? 99% of the time it’s checked bags, plural not singular. I travel a lot, so I like to be as comfortable as possible. I also never know what mood I’m going to be in and what I may feel like wearing while I’m there.

Carry-on essentials. Enough clothes for at least two days should my checked bags get lost.

Post-flight etiquette. Always carry facial wipes and gum. Before speaking to anyone post-flight, pop in a piece of gum and wipe your face.

Favorite souvenir. Diet coke. I always try to sneak a can or bottle home.

Travel hero. Anyone who can travel for a week with a carry on.

George’s Birchbox picks: Jack Black Sun Guard Sunscreen and Mt. Sapola Body Wash.

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