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April 19, 2019

Second Chances: Why You May Receive A Sample Twice

When it comes to personalization we believe the ultimate goal is to provide you with the best products to fit your needsand that starts with your [Beauty Profile] ( In time we start to learn more about you, which continues to help inform our selection of products that we think will be valuable to your beauty and grooming routine.

You may notice some familiar samples in your boxes from time to time, and that's intentional. We encourage you to give that product a second try, and if nothing else, save it for your travel stash (since we know many of you love using your samples for that purpose). So, look out for some tried and true customer favorites that we think are right for you.

As always, we want to hear what you think. If this sounds cool, tell us. If it doesn't, let us [know] (

-The Birchbox Team

PS - Check out [this letter] ( from our CEO for more on how were testing and learning to build a better Birchbox.


Kate Bartick