Shed Your Winter Layers With the Help of This Multi-Use BB Body Cream

While I couldn’t be more psyched about the end of winter (coming soon? I hope?), I always have a little trouble transitioning from the cozy, bundled-up looks of the cold-weather months to spring’s more revealing fashions. Thanks to a case of seriously pale Irish skin (and some post-hibernation body consciousness), it’s always a struggle to trade in my turtleneck and jeans for a thigh-skimming sundress.

This year, however, I plan on facing my insecurities head-on by prepping my skin with Jergens® BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream for Lighter Skin Tones, which some of you will receive in your March Birchboxes. While we’ve all heard of BB creams for your face, this formula works on the full canvas—your whole bod!—to instantly soften and condition skin with the help of hydrating shea butter. The beige-hued cream blends in to be completely colorless (read: it will not rub off on clothing), and minimizes the appearance of skin imperfections like redness, blemishes, and, once the season gets going, mosquito bites. Over time, the formula brightens and firms skin for an illuminating glow—something an alabaster gal like myself could previously only get with the help of a self-tanner. Not only for the pale girls of the world, this cream also comes in a Medium-Deep tone formula.

After a few days of use my skin—once dry and dull—is already on the road to recovery. I think I may even start browsing online for that perfect spring dress. Now if only we could do something about these still-freezing temps...

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