Show Some Skin

We’ll spare you the usual “bikini season” line. You know the deal: It’s summer, and you’ve got a closet full of sundresses begging to come out and play. The missing piece: bare-worthy limbs, preferably without a million squats and weekly spray tans. Worry not—we've got shortcuts and troubleshooters that will make you confident about showing some skin, all summer long.

Bummer: Rough Skin

Solution: Beauty guru Erica Davidson suggests weekly exfoliations with Microdermamitt's Body Mitt to get rid of dead layers. "It's great at smoothing razor bumps and in-grown hairs, too," she notes. Speaking of razor bumps, reach for Whish Shave's Crave Shaving Cream to get an ultraclose shave without a single nick.

Bummer: Too Pale

Solution: While some of us embrace our pale skin, many of us hanker for a little bit of color—from a bottle, of course. Davidson recommends Caudalie Divine Legs, a bronzing oil that also creates the illusion of toned arms and legs. "Starting with a small amount, apply with clean hands and massage into skin using a circular motion to ensure even distribution," she adds. "Make sure to extend all the way to your toes and around your ankles to create balanced color."

Bummer: Cellulite

Solution: Immediately after showering, apply a thick lotion like Jouer's Body Butter to smooth skin and keep it hydrated. Next, add some color. "Just like concealer for your face, a little tint on your legs will help hide cellulite and scars," Davidson explains. Tan Towel Classic Formula Self-Tan Towelettes are great on the go and super easy to use." For a heavier-duty body concealer, try Miracle Skin Transformer's SPF 20 moisturizer.

Bummer: Less-than-Long Legs

Solution: For a lean look a la Gisele, apply a highlighter like Benefit Sun Beam along the front of your thighs and shins. "This draws the eye forward, creating the illusion of longer legs," Davidson explains. "Mix it with a body oil like Avène's Body Oil or a lotion with some shimmer in it for longer staying power."

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