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April 14, 2015

Is “Flatulence-Filtering Underwear” the Best Invention of Modern Times?

We've tooted the wearable tech horn as it pertains to fitness, but here's one that accommodates your Chipotle hankerings: Shreddies.

From the brand's website: "Shreddies award winning flatulence filtering underwear for men combines classic styling & supportive technology making Shreddies the ultimate pair of gentlemens flatulence filtering underwear"

While it's clearly a fan of the run-on sentence, the company's "flatulence-fitlering" tech claims to prevent runs of another variety. (See also: an incontinence line.) It uses a "thin and flexible carbon cloth" that filters odors up to 200 times better than other garments, thus sparing people the humiliation that comes with feeling gassy.

Smells like smart innovation to us.

h/t Greatist


Adam Hurly