Simple Ballpark Snack Hacks

For baseball fans, nothing beats the satisfaction of stadium snacking, and you shouldn't deprive yourself of that magic just because your team is on the road. Still craving churros, cracker jacks, and pretzels? Here’s how to whip up your favorite ballpark staples without leaving home. So, call over your buddies and impress them not only with baseball statistics, but also a culinary home run.

Home-Roasted Peanuts

Difficulty Level: Easy
Time Commitment: 15-30 minutes
Making home-roasted peanuts is simple and satisfying. This classic recipe from theKitchn promises a line-drive hit. Also, try roasting them with honey or cayenne pepper for some variety. You can use this roasting method for other kinds of nuts as well. They’ll go nicely in a dinner salad, though grinding them in a food processor to make roasted nut-butter is an even bigger win.

Salty Popcorn

Difficulty Level: Easy
Time Commitment: 15 minutes
What is the biggest secret that price-hiking snack purveyors would hate to have revealed? Making popcorn on your own is a walk. You only need a sauté pan with a tight lid, plus butter, a little oil, and enough corn kernels to line the bottom of the pan. Heat up the butter and oil with a touch of your desired seasonings, add the kernels, cover the pot, and keep it moving over the high flame until all the popping stops. Season the final product as preferred: We like salt, pepper, and garlic powder or spicy paprika.

Cracker Jacks

Difficulty Level: Difficult
Time Commitment: 1.5 hours
Cracker Jacks are such a staple that they're part of the song "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." Now that you’ve got salty popcorn and roasted nuts on hand, this recipe from theKitchn will show you how to put it all together for the most quintessential ballpark snack. Emeril Lagasse's rendition incorporates his Creole spice kick. Just be warned that making the caramel sauce yourself, while gratifying, can be a tad messy. If you need help, use these lifesaving tips to get you on base, or substitute in some pre-made caramel sauce as a pinch hitter.

Soft Pretzels

Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Time Commitment: 45 minutes preparation, plus an hour to cool
Is there anything better than tearing off bits of a warm soft pretzel and dipping in spicy mustard sauce? We love Alton Brown's recipe, and you can even do it without the standup mixer if you’re not afraid to knead by hand. If your guests appreciate the little things, then finish the pretzels with some Maldon sea salt flakes for a real grand slam.


Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Time Commitment: 1.5 hours
Best served as dessert (and occasionally served as breakfast), cinnamon-covered churros are your promising closers. This recipe from Food52 involves constant action, so give it full attention, and you should slide into home plate for the win.

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