Watch Homer and Peter Duke it Out in the Trailer for the Simpsons-Family Guy Crossover Episode

The long awaited family cartoon-pocalypse is here. Just how terrifying/awesome is it? You be the judge.

In this trailer for a fall hybrid episode between two of television's favorite families, Homer Simpson and his clan meet their match when the Griffins visit Springfield. It's the first of two crossover episodes for The Simpsons, with a Futurama mashup in the works.

Check out the trailer below for an epic 5-minute preview of the hour-long episode, which looks like it might just be more action-packed than any of this fall's blockbusters: Homer and Peter bond over doughnuts, then they brawl in epic fashion over Duff beer.

We're skeptical about the crossover, but hey, remember how great the Critic-Simpsons crossover was? It was pretty great.

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