Skincare Advice from Dr. Brandt Himself

It's not every day that we have our skincare questions answered by celeb dermatologist. But thanks to our Twitter chat with skincare guru Dr. Brandt, we all got to feel like celebrities for the night as he answered participants' questions about how to get camera-ready—in real time. We already knew that Dr. Brandt was a fountain of invaluable information and our chat proved just why. Here are some of the best nuggets of wisdom he shared:

SPF and retinol can help dark spots disappear: "[Use] sunscreen ALWAYS. Use a retinol and lightening serum like my dark spots no more."

Don't over-exfoliate: "Take a vacation from your exfoliation! Once or twice a week is sufficient."

Feed your skin with "foods that are anti-inflammatory and antioxidants like berries, pomegranates, and fish, rich in omega-3 oils."

Consistency is key to looking younger: "Consistency in your daily routine for two to four minutes per day will de-age you by years."

You can rid of wrinkles without going under the knife: "To decrease fine lines: Try my crease release—it's your take-home Botox!"

And for the pale girls of the world: "BB creams are perfect for fair skin, they'll keep your skin fair as well as improve its radiance."

And of course, to look ready for your close-up at a moment's notice, the dr. brandt Exclusive Camera-Ready Kit has everything you'll need.

—Sarah Wormser

Want more camera-ready tips? Read through the chat here.

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