Skin Care Tips from Renee Rouleau

There’s no such thing as normal skin. Everyone has specific needs and concerns, which it’s doubly important to know the basics. We talked to Dallas-based aesthetician Renee Rouleau, known for her hyper-tailored skin regimens, to get the scoop on common skin misconceptions and sins. Read on to learn how to create your own perfect skin care routine.

Necessities vs. Niceties

Your skin care routine begins with cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. From there, Rouleau says you can add in supplementary products. “Eye cream, masks, serums — these are your niceties,” she says.

Pick the right cleanser

Rouleau says that many women use a heavy moisturizer to compensate for a cleanser that dries them out. Instead, she says, “Look for sulfate-free, low-foaming cleansers. A good general rule of thumb is: the more lather, the more drying.”

Use a Heavy Hand with SPF

Experts agree: we’re not using enough sunscreen. Rouleau says, “A little dab won’t do you and if you only use a little, you’re not getting the full SPF.” Use a generous amount — the size of a quarter, and apply to your entire face evenly.

Shift with the Seasons

When the weather changes, you can tweak your routine to fit the temperature. Generally speaking, lighten up in spring and summer but don’t focus on drying out skin — that just encourages it to produce more oil.

Natural Products Soothe

For rosacea, angry acne, or easily irritated skin, look for natural ingredients like chamomile, green tea, and azulene, all of which have calming properties. In the warmer months Rouleau suggests keeping products in the refrigerator for an extra blast of cool.

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