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Grooming · December 30, 2015

Meet the Skincare Tool That Will Supercharge Your Morning Routine

How It Works

Think of the LUNA as the skincare equivalent of an electric toothbrush: Its internal motor gives it capabilities far beyond those of mortal hands. Vibrating at 8,000 bpm, its silicone tips work to unclog pores and gently buff away dead cells, which helps keep skin firm while reducing the risk of breakouts.

The exfoliation also has benefits for those who shave: Dead cells can clog follicles and cause ingrown hairs, and smoother skin reduces the risk of razor burn. To top things off, the device packs an antiaging feature as well, which uses gentle vibrations to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Whether your grooming priorities include cleansing, shaving, antiaging, or all of the above, this device is a real workhorse.

How to Use It

1. Work a dab of cleanser into damp skin to build up a healthy lather (you can use your go-to face wash, or FOREO's own proprietary formula).

2. Activate the device and move the brush surface over your face for one minute, using soft, circular motions.

3. Rinse thoroughly, then follow with your shaving routine or favorite moisturizer.

4. You now have the option to use the LUNA's Anti-Aging Mode. Just flip the device and apply the opposite surface to wrinkle-prone areas (cheeks, nose bridge, the corners of your eyes, etc.) for approximately one minute.

To see the LUNA for Men in action, check out this video.

The LUNA was featured as one of five ways to get better complexion:


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