Skip the Scales and Flakes With This Mega-Moisturizer

Some people loathe overgrown brows; others squirm at the sight of a chipped mani. As a gal who prizes soft skin, my personal beauty pet peeve is dryness, which makes wintertime—an onslaught of hot, stale indoor air—my sworn enemy.

To avoid a serious case of “lizard legs,” I’ve been on the lookout for a super moisturizer to keep my wintertime skin soft as my summertime skin. But let’s be honest, I’m picky. I don’t want something too greasy; it can’t be too thick, either. Happily, Camille Beckman’s Midnight Monarch Body Butter fits my Goldilocks criteria. (And bonus—some of you will be receiving this in your December boxes!)

As a moisture snob, I had my reservations—body butters have never really been my thing. They tended to make my skin feel like it had a film on it. However, this whipped formula, packed with softening shea butter and almond oil, melts right in. After a minute or two, the only thing left behind is a mild, floral scent and the satisfaction of elegant, silk-smooth skin. It’s light enough to use on the whole body, but hydrating enough to target rough areas like elbows and ankles.

Thanks to this butter I’m happy to say that, this winter, the only scaly thing on these legs will be a pair of alligator-skin booties (faux, of course).

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