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The Best Looks for Post-Workout Hair

Committing to morning or lunchtime workouts doesn’t mean resigning yourself to day after day of sopping wet ponytails. We’ve asked hair stylist Kristan Serafino for fast ways to get great hair after even the sweatiest workouts.

Coil it Up

Before your workout, split hair into two equal halves at the back of your head. Twist hair until it coils and create two tight buns at the nape of your neck. Use bobby pins to hold the buns in place (hair ties will crease the style). As you move around, the heat from your scalp will work with your hair to create soft waves. After your workout, if your hair feels damp, use a blow dryer to dry it for a couple minutes (still in the bun). Undo the bun to admire your newly wavy hair.

Double French

If you’re having trouble pinning your bun securely, Serafino suggests creating two French braids. (Avoid regular braids, which will leave an awkward crease in your hair where the braid starts.) Again, your body heat will help create loose waves while you sweat. You can always use dry shampoo to sop up any oil or dampness at the roots of your hair.

Pump Up the Volume

Ponytail-or-bust kind of girl? No problem. Just revive your hair post-workout with a flat iron or a bit of mousse. Serafino says to place your flat iron at your roots where you want more volume and rotate the iron 180 degrees, as though you were starting a curl. Voila, instant lift! If you have extra time, you can put a quarter-size drop of mousse into the teeth of a comb and brush it through your roots. Then, flip your head over and blast it with a hair dryer for a couple minutes.

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